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Guided Tours - Tour Information - Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

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Guided tours of the “Osakano Taki” falls

We offer many different types of guided tours throughout the year. Our tours vary from easy hiking tours in the forest to challenging trekking tours in the river. Please come and enjoy an outdoor adventure. We hope you will enjoy the wilderness of Hida-Osaka.

■ Gandate Park

Gandate Park is open to the public. You can visit and walk at your own pace. We also offer guided hiking tours in the park for those who wish to explore and know more about the area. Reservations are available either by phone or via website. Please make a reservation via website at least 3 days before the tour date. Reservations by phone are available until 3:00PM on the day before the tour date.

■ Waterfall Trekking

On our waterfall trekking tours, you will exercise your entire body going uphill and downhill in the forest and exploring the beautiful and intact waterfalls. These tours involve trekking in the trail-less forest and wading in the river, hence assistance by guide is needed. Also, it takes place in the national forest which requires entry permission by the local authorities. To secure a guide and entry permission, please make reservations ahead of time via website. See below for more details.
For inquiry or online reservation, please Click here

Otherinformation (Reservation details)
  • Payment is available by cash or credit card.
  • The full fee will be charged to the participants if the participants cancel their tour after 5:00PM on the day before the tour date.
  • You will receive a reply from Please allow your inbox filter to receive this e-mail address.
Wading shoe reatal 沢タビ

All trekking tours involve wading.
Wading shoes are available for rent upon request.

Wading shoe rental fee
  • Tours may be canceled one day in advance of the tour date due to the weather conditions and forecast. Also, tours could be called off even after it is started if the guide determines it is too dangerous to continue.  In these cases, no cancellation fee will be applied.
  • Guided tours take place in the natural environment. Please be aware of danger and act responsibly.
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