Snow field SOTOASOBI in Hida-Osaka

Snow field SOTOASOBI in Hida-Osaka - Tour Information - Hida-Osaka Falls - Hida-Osaka's 200 Waterfalls - Gero city, Gifu prefecture, Japan

2020 Winter

Snow field SOTOASOBI in Hida-Osaka

小坂な冬のソトアソビWinter is not only about skiing and snowboarding!
We run around in a field of snow with our snowshoes on, go downhill on a sleigh, lay down just for fun, and enjoy “yuki-ita” with full excitement. On this tour, there is also a hot drink break to soak up the breath-taking scenery of the Northern Japanese Alps and Mt. Ontake.

What’s so special about SOTOASOBI?

  • Don’t worry about gear.
    It’s all provided.
    Just dress warmly.
    That’s enough!
  • It’s a 30-40 -minute drive from either Takayama or Gero. If you take the train to Hida-Osaka Station, free transportation to and from the station is available.
  • Your pets are welcome, too!
    ※Pet owners are responsible for their pets.
  • Lunch at a warm and cozy local restaurant is included in the tour. You will get to try the local specialty, kosen yudofu—tofu cooked in the local spring water.

Special request to pet owners

  • Please be responsible for the feeding and waste removal of your pets.
  • The Hida-Osaka Waterfall Trekking Office is not responsible for any problems related to your pets, including problems between your pets and other participants.
  • If you plan to use transportation offered by the Hida-Osaka Waterfall Trekking Office and you have a pet, please bring a cage to transport your pet.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the restaurant during lunch.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your pets protected from the cold.

Time Table

9:40 AM Meet at the Hida-Osaka Visitor Center for sign-up.
>> How to get to Hida-Osaka 200falls Visitor Center by car
>> Google map
10:50 AM Arrive at the snow field of Suzuran Kogen.
Get dressed for SOTOASOBI.
11:00 AM Start SOTOASOBI.
1:00 PM Finish SOTOASOBI and leave the snow field.
1:40 PM Have lunch at a local restaurant.
2:30 PM Return to the Hida-Osaka Visitor Center and finish the tour.

What breath-taking scenery!

How about running down the hill?

Exciting down hill on the sleigh

Don’t hesitate to have fun!

Dogs can play around, too!

It’s time for coffee!

Tour details Your guide will take you outside to enjoy SOTOASOBI for 2 hours. SOTOASOBI includes anything fun in the snow field, such as hiking, sledding, looking for traces and footprints of animals, and having coffee outside. After the tour,you will enjoy the delicious local dish of kosen yudofu—tofu cooked with the local spring water—at a warm and cozy restaurant. We will look at the pictures taken during the tour while we enjoy lunch. You may want to soak in the hot spring at Himeshagannoyu to warm up after the tour.
Tour dates From Saturday January 11 to Sunday March 15, 2020.
(Everyday except Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Where and when to meet Hida-Osaka Visitor Center at 9:40 AM.
Free transportation from JR Hida-Osaka Station is available. Please make a request at the time of reservation.
Duration 4.5 hours
(30 minutes each way to and from the field, 2 hours of SOTOASOBI, and 1.5 hours for lunch and others.)
Requirements Age: 12 years and older.
Participants must be in good health.
Required number of participants Minimum 2 people and maximum 10 people
Price JPY 7,000 per person including the guide, gear, and lunch.
The above price does not include tax.
Contact and Reservation Please make a reservation via our website at least 3 days before the tour date.


Hida-Osaka Waterfall Trekking Office
TEL: +81-576-62-2215(9:00 AM – 6:00 PM)

Book Now! Reservations will be closed on any given day when the maximum number of participants is reached.
Payment Cash or credit card on the day of the tour.
Gear included in the tour price Snowshoes, snow boots, rain-coat, rain-pants, and gloves.
※Gear sizes are limited. Please ask the Hida-Osaka Waterfall Trekking Office for the availability of gear if you are worried about the size.
>> What to bring and wear.
Special Gift Participants who havejoined our tour before will receive a free ticket to the Himeshaganoyu Hot Spring.
Transportation by JR trains From Nagoya/Gero: Arrive at Hida-Osaka Station at 9:27 AM (via normal train)
From Takayama/Toyama: Arrive at Hida-Osaka Station at 8:25 AM (via limited-express train)

To Nagoya/Gero: Leave Hida-Osaka Station at 3:22 PM (via normal train)
To Takayama/Toyama: Leave Hida-Osaka Station at 4:00 PM (via normal train)
Weather alert The Hida-Osaka Waterfall Trekking Office will contact all participants by 5:00 PM on the day before the tour date if unsuitable weather is forecast and the tour is cancelled. Tours can be called off even on the day of the tour if the Hida-Osaka Waterfall Trekking Office determines that the road conditions are too dangerous or if the roads are closed because of heavy snow or a snowstorm.
Cancellation Policy The full fee will be charged to participants who cancel their tour after 5:00 PM on the day before the tour date.
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